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Company Profile

Company Profile


Sirmione Consulting Group is a leading business and financial management firm based in Beijing,China. We help companies and individuals to enter and navigate the Chinese regulatory and business environment from the incorporation of a legal entity to the daily business operations and growth.

Through a comprehensive range of cross-industry professional services, we provide our clients with tailor-made solutions delivered by a dedicated team and a network of experienced professionals.   Our services laid a foundation for the sustainable development of global companies in China and Chinese companies "go global" strategy. Our goal is to enhance your competitive advantage and assist your business expansion in the rapidly evolving digital age. Our team of senior professional experts will support you in addressing your project following the industry best practices.

Our services are organized around four axes to best serve the needs of your business:

Business & Financial Management:

Company incorporation

Financial/tax planning

Compliance and reporting

Risk management

Business assurance

Corporate finance & investment management

Individual investment and financial planning

Wealth management

Government advocacy

Marketing & Digital Solutions

Integrated marketing

Digital solutions

Market and industry research

Business data analysis

Strategic planning

Virtual market presence

Business growth and expansion

International Trading:

Agency service & sourcing

Import/Export consulting

Cross-border E-commerce solutions

Distribution Channels solutions

Contract negotiation & drafting

Custom clearance

Corporate Secretary Service:

Corporate secretary outsourcing

Accounting & taxes

HR & payroll

Expatriate Visa & insurance

Business negotiation support

Translation & notarisation

Our clients include foreign-invested entities, multinational companies, joint ventures from Europe, America and Southeast Asia and domestic companies. We have deep understanding of the business environment, channels, regulations and media ecology of China market. We assist you successfully cooperate with Chinese partners and accelerate your sales & growth and realise sustainable development in this market.

We also facilitate various types of projects, partnerships and strategic deals for Chinese companies in domestic and global markets. Additionally, we provide customized services ranging from investment and financial planning for local and foreign high net worth customers, as well as relocation support for foreigners wishing to come to work in China.

For further information and customised solution feel free to contact us.

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