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Booking a taxi without waving your hand, entering the subway with no ticket, buying groceries with no wallet: this is China and it is NOW. Internet usage rate in China is among the highest in the world, e-commerce companies as well as online media companies have thrived in the past years. Companies such as Alibaba, Jingdong, Tiktok, just to cite a few, are now essential actors in the digital world. Thus the importance of a sharp digital marketing strategy targeted at your customer base.   

SirmioneCG not only brings clients a solid professional marketing strategy, marketing events and potential customer development, but also relies on a network of KOLs and influencers to reach our clients’ target audience. Our marketing experts will set up a business case to identify the needs of each customer and provide high-quality insights through targeted market and industry research & analysis. We help the customers to identify business opportunities and set up the implementation plan. We help businesses improve their core competitiveness with reduced costs, avoid lengthy R&D and brand development time by assigning marketing experts from related industries, increase brand awareness and technology application through KOLs & online influencers.   

In this Data-driven marketing world, Sirmione CG assists you in leveraging the power of digital social media. Your customers are already talking about topics relevant to your business on Tiktok, you are interested in knowing about specific subjects, competitors, personalities or brands, but not sure where to start? Our advanced integrated marketing and business intelligence service such as Tiktok, Wechat official account, mini program, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, etc., focus on the conversations and subject-matter influencers that are most relevant to your areas of interest, discover the individuals driving the conversations in your industry. We eliminate the spam and noise, leaving only high-quality, on-topic insights. We follow relevant conversations, focus on the topics of interest for your brand.

SirmioneCG specializes in China and major international marketplaces that aim to support large and small & medium sized brands to increase their brand awareness and growth, protect their brand, and help them expand both in China and abroad.

Digital Solutions

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SirmioneCG aims to build high quality digitalized enterprises and risk control solutions, including the design and implementation of ERP systems, embedded SAAS cloud driven corporate services, data governance, data analysis & interpretation, visualization, scenario application, information security and sustainable development strategy. Sirmione CG helps enterprises to leverage the power of big data to do financial & non-financial analysis, evaluate the entities’ current and future operations, reduce operating costs to achieve business goals with supporting their strategic decision making. Especially providing supportive services to enterprises identify core competitiveness and reform during the economic downturn & transformation to grasp the opportunities of change and lead to success.