Chat GPT and the AI magic: the battle has startedChatGPT拉开帷幕,AI技术打起“魔法战”



China market insight 2023人工智能市场洞察

Key words: Web3.0, AIGC, GPT-6, Nvidia, large-scale AI, Prompt, further reduce the negative list
The disruptive development of technology has constantly impacted us, behind the changes and challenges there are also huge opportunities, catalyzed a number of new unicorn companies, such as OpenAI and MidJourney. MidJourney has become a star company in the field of AIGC (AI-generated content), a miracle that a great company in AI painting with a small team of only 11 people. The new generation of technology represented by generative AI has accelerated a new round of technological update cycle. While some are still struggling to accept ChatGPT for use in daily work scenarios, the giants of the tech industry have started the "magic war" of AI. 技术的颠覆性发展不断地给我们带来冲击,在变化与挑战背后也蕴藏了巨大的机遇,催生了像OpenAI、MidJourney 这样一批新的独角兽公司。Midjourney成为人工智能生产内容AI绘画领域的当红明星企业,创造出伟大的公司只需要十一人的奇迹。以生成式AI为代表的新一代科技加速推动进步,新一轮技术更新周期近在咫尺。当我们在还努力接受ChatGPT应用到日常工作场景的时候,科技行业巨头们已经打响了AI的“魔法战”。

Currently, training of AI(Artificial Intelligence)systems that more powerful than GPT-4 has been completed. The latest news is that a new GPT-5 version is expected to replace GPT-4 by the end of 2023 and some functions of GPT-5 will be released one after another as early as June to July this year. It is said that GPT-5 has gone over all the videos on the human network and learned most of the knowledge that accumulated through thousands of years humans’ history in just two months. It can instantly label all the sound and light information in all the videos it has watched. GPT-5 will be an important breakthrough in AI technology and may lead to transformative changes. 目前,比 GPT-4 更强大的AI 系统训练已经完成,最新的消息是预计到 2023 年底,GPT-4 将被新的 GPT-5 版本取代。但根据行业内部信息预测,最早今年6-7月就会有GPT-5的功能陆续释放出来。而GPT-5 已经看完了人类网络上所有的视频,仅用两个月时间,学习完了人类花数千年积累的绝大部分知识。它可以瞬间标记出所有它看过的视频中的一切声光信息。GPT-5的出现将会成为人工智能技术中的重要突破,它可能会为人类带来一些具有变革性的能力。


Facing the challenge of large-scale artificial intelligence


One of the leading figures in AI, Geoffrey Hinton mentioned that tech giants are trapped in a race that may be unstoppable, and the more intense it is, the faster the pace of AI development. It is only a matter of time before AI replaces humans, and he believes that humans should cooperate to try to stop the disorderly development of AI and prevent serious harm. Tesla founder Elon Musk has also called for the suspension of GPT5 development. On May 30, "Center for AI Safety", an NGO published a joint open letter on its official website, saying that AI, a technology comparable to "pandemic and nuclear war," may pose an existential threat to humanity. “人工智能教父”、前谷歌副总裁杰弗里·辛顿提到,科技巨头们正在陷入一场可能无法停止的竞争,越是激烈,AI发展的速度越快。人工智能会取代人类只是一个时间问题,他认为人类应该合作,试图阻止AI的无序发展、防止带来严重危害。而特斯拉的创始人Elon Musk也开始呼吁暂停GPT5的研发。5月30日,非营利组织“人工智能安全中心”在其官网发布一封联名公开信,称AI这一堪比“疫情和核战争”的技术或对人类构成生存威胁。

More than 350 AI leaders, including OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis and Anthropic CEO Dario Amode have signed the letter. On the same day, chipmaker Nvidia surpassed $1 trillion in market value, becoming the seventh company to reach a trillion-dollar market value in the world. Behind the AI limelight, public concerns are also increasing, but in any case, AI has unstoppably come to our lives. 目前已有超350位AI大佬签署了上述联名公开信,包括OpenAI首席执行官Sam Altman、谷歌DeepMind首席执行官Demis Hassabis和Anthropic首席执行官Dario Amode三大AI公司掌门人等。同日,芯片制造企业英伟达的市值突破1万亿美元,成为全球第7家市值达到万亿美元的公司。AI风头正盛的背后,公众的担忧也越来越多,只是无论如何,人工智能已经走到我们生活中,势不可挡。

The development of AI has experienced four stages from the initial birth to machine learning, deep learning and now generative AI. Developers around the world rely on AI technology to help solve important challenges, for example, after the difficult challenge of finding a diagnosis for his child, Julian Isla Gomez decided to help others: His Microsoft hackathon AI project evolved into Dx29, a free tool that helps medical professionals diagnose rare diseases faster and more accurately, improving the lives of hundreds of patients around the world.人工智能发展经历了最初的诞生到机器学习、深度学习再到现在生成式 AI 四个阶段。世界各地的应用开发人员依靠AI技术来帮助他们解决重要挑战,例如,在为他的孩子找到诊断结果的艰难挑战之后,朱利安·艾斯拉·戈麦斯决定帮助他人:他的微软黑客马拉松人工智能项目演变成了Dx29,这是一个帮助医疗专业人员更快、更准确地诊断罕见疾病的免费工具,改善了全球数百名患者的生活。

As a more efficient and accurate means of analysis and evaluation, AI technology can meet timely and multifaceted information needs of businesses by automatically processing financial and non-financial data. In the face of increasingly complex and hidden financial risks, major banks have deployed "AI brains" and entered the era of intelligent whole-process risk control and management. Top energy companies such as The State Grid, PetroChina have partnered with Baidu intelligent Cloud to solve the problem of large-scale replication of AI systems. According to Deloitte statistics, more than half of the world's data and analysis technology decision makers are actively deploying scale application of cognitive AI model in their enterprises, and gradually increase the depth of application to the strategy level. We are facing the challenge of large-scale AI. 在企业管理中,AI技术通过对繁杂的财务和非财务数据的自动处理和分析,作为更为高效、准确的分析和评估手段,可以满足企业及时且多方面的信息需求。人工智能已不再只是存在于实验室里的黑科技,面对日益复杂和隐蔽的金融风险,各大银行部署“AI大脑”,进入智能化全过程风控管理时代;国家电网、中石油等头部能源企业已经不满足“单点”应用人工智能,因而联手百度智能云解决AI系统规模化复制的难题。类似以上的AI应用案例将会越来越多,据德勤统计,全球超过一半的数据和分析技术决策者都在积极部署人工智能,推动以洞察、认知为核心的AI模型在企业的规模化应用,并逐步将应用深度上升至企业战略层面。企业面临规模化人工智能的挑战。


With a wide range of background knowledge and excellent language processing capacity, ChatGPT has been extensively applied in many fields, such as content generation, education, customer service, analytics and forecasting. 而ChatGPT具有广泛的背景知识和优秀的语言处理能力,在多个领域都有广泛的应用,如内容生成、教育、客户服务、分析预测等。

Study shows that at least 89% of students in colleges of US have used it to write essays since the introduction of ChatGPT, which has frustrated teachers. However, the proficient AI developers have seen business opportunities in such a conflict, a new application "GPTzero" was created to identify which parts of an article were written by AI. However, tools specifically designed to combat GPTZero soon emerged, forcing teachers to find more sophisticated alternatives. It is very interesting that Harvard Business School has now developed many AI related classroom exercises, such as having students to design fashion and shoes with AI. 自从有了ChatGPT,美国高校至少有89%的学生来用它写论文,这就让老师们变得很苦恼。然而技术大牛却在这样一个师生矛盾中看到了商机,为解决老师们的困扰,一款全新的应用“GPTzero”应运而生,顾名思义,只要你使用这个工具,就能辨别出一篇文章哪些部分是由AI撰写的。然而,专门对抗GPTZero的工具很快就出现了,老师们不得不另寻更为高明的对策。非常有趣的是,哈佛商学院现在用人工智能设计很多翻转课堂的练习题,比如让学生用AI设计时装和鞋子等。


In the financial sector, the Bloomberg GPT has demonstrated high performance and professionalism in related tasks such as news generation and stock market forecasting. Efficiency of investment research has been improved through quantitative analysis, web crawling, and market review. Overall, GPT is expected to reshape the investment research and even the insurance industries. 在金融领域,美国财经资讯公司彭博社的Bloomberg GPT在相关任务如新闻生成、股票市场预测当中表现出较高的性能和专业性。通过量化分析、网页抓取、和行情复盘等提升投研效率。总的来看,GPT将重塑投研行业、甚至保险业等。


The emergence of ChatGPT has brought us great challenges, if we do not want to be replaced, sooner or later, we will need to learn how to train ChatGPT to be a powerful aid. Now the ChatGPT Prompt project has been developed to train ChatGPT better adapt to different scenarios, be more accurate and effective in tasks. By adding data related to specific fields in the training process, such as medical, financial, etc., we can enable specialized application of ChatGPT in a variety of different fields to be a more practical aid. Nowadays, there has been mature websites selling Prompts. MidJourney and GPT have become part of the NFT industry chain. All these amazing developments of AI industry got us thinking that game changers who have mastered the skill of dealing with powerful AI and drive changes are not an ordinary existence in this transformative era. ChatGPT的出现,为我们带来了更大的挑战,如果不想被取代,就要学会成为驾驭它的人。那该如何训练ChatGPT成为一个强大的辅助工具呢?我们称其为ChatGPT Prompt工程,通过Prompt工程,能够使ChatGPT更好地适应不同场景和任务,得到更加精确和有效的回应。与此同时,在训练过程中加入一些特定领域相关的数据,如医疗、金融等方向,这样可以让ChatGPT更加专业化的应用在各种不同的领域,成为更好的实用性辅助工具。如今国外已经有了成熟售卖Prompt的网站了,其中Midjourney和GPT等等,已经成为NFT产业链的一部分,这让人不禁感叹,AI固然厉害,能将AI翻云覆雨的工程师更不是一般的存在。

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Status and trends of ChatGPT and other AI technologies in the Chinese market-ChatGPT等AI技术在中国市场的现状及趋势

In the era of Web3.0, the application of ChatGPT and other AI technologies has become an important part of the digital transformation of businesses in China market. AI has driven significant changes in various industries such as finance, medical care, intelligent customer service, smart home and online education. Rapid development and application have occurred especially in the field of voice recognition. Many domestic technology companies are enhancing the interactive experience of their products through the application of AI technologies. In China, Baidu’s Wenxin Yiyan, Alibaba’s Tongyi Qianwen, Tencent’s HunYuan, and Huawei’s Pangu are the applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology similar to OpenAI's ChatGPT. Take wechat as an example, its mini programs and official accounts have integrated AI technology to provide interactive experience, such as AI wechat robots, intelligent mini-secretaries and so on. In the beginning of 2023, a number of ChatGPT concept stocks including one of the ten leading stocks, IFLYtek have reached daily raising limit. Web3.0时代的中国市场,ChatGPT以及其他AI技术的应用已经逐渐成为企业数字化转型的重要一环,除了金融、医疗、智能客服、智能家居、在线教育等一系列领域,特别是在AI语音识别技术上的快速发展和应用,已经带来了重要的变革。众多国内科技公司都在通过ChatGPT等技术的应用来提升其产品的交互体验。国内的百度文心一言、阿里通义千问、腾讯混元、华为盘古和OpenAI的ChatGPT类似、都是基于自然语言处理技术的应用。以微信为例,其旗下的小程序、公众号等都已经开始使用人工智能技术提供交互体验,如AI微信机器人、智能微秘书等。2023年开年,多只ChatGPT概念股收获涨停板,包括ChatGPT十大龙头股之一的科大讯飞。
According to IDC report, China's AI investment is expected to exceed 26.44 billion US dollars in 2026, ranking second in the world. It is believed that in the near future, more and more companies will increase investment in this area and explore applications of AI in different scenarios. 据国际数据公司IDC报告,中国人工智能投资预计在2026年超264.4亿美元,世界排名第二。相信在未来,还会有越来越多的企业加大这方面的投入,探索人工智能在众多领域的运用。



Cross-border cooperation and development opportunities for foreign investors-跨境合作及外商在华相关的发展机遇

At present, China actively promotes industrial cooperation and talent introduction in the field of AI, provides resources and facilities, improves legal protection, and implements proactive planning and policy support, aiming to drive the application and innovation of AI technology in various fields. This will undoubtedly provide a favorable environment for the development of AI related new technologies, bringing a wider range of application scenarios and business opportunities. 目前,中国在人工智能领域积极推动产业合作和人才引进,提供资源和设施,完善法律保障,实行积极的规划和政策支持,旨在促进人工智能技术在各个领域的应用和创新。这无疑将为ChatGPT等相关新型技术的发展提供有利的环境和条件, 带来更加广泛的应用场景和商业机会。


Many foreign technology companies have turned their attention to China due to the huge potential of AI market. Through cooperation with domestic businesses, foreign companies can take advantage of the local resources, efficient environment, technology, and talents to improve their global market share. For instance, Nomura holdings is working with China Mobile to develop the ChatGPT applications that providing customers with more intelligent and personalized financial services. As a leader in the Chinese tech industry, Alibaba also vigorously supports organizing global entrepreneurship competitions and the development of start-ups in the field of smart manufacturing. 不少国外科技公司因为AI市场潜力巨大而纷纷将目光转向中国,通过与国内企业合作,外资企业可以借助当地的专业化、高效的环境和技术及人才资源,提高其在全球范围内的市场占有率。如野村证券nomura holdings正与中国移动合作开发ChatGPT应用,为客户提供更加智能和个性化的金融服务。而作为中国业内领军企业的阿里巴巴也大力为组织创业竞赛及全球智能制造领域的初创企业发展提供支持。

At the policy briefing of The State Council Information Office on June 5 this year, the Ministry of Commerce indicated their focus in the next step is to actively promote the construction of a unified large market across the country and make greater efforts to attract foreign investment. MoC will further reduce the negative list and relax restrictions on foreign investment access appropriately. In addition, they will build platforms to create more opportunities for cooperation of domestic and foreign investments. 在今年6月5日的国务院新闻办公室政策吹风会上,商务部表示,下一步,将积极推动全国统一大市场建设,更大力度吸引和利用外资。合理缩减外资准入负面清单,进一步取消或放宽外资准入限制。并将搭建平台,为国内外投资对接创造更多机会。


Now, in a period of rising uncertainty on evolving threat landscape, such as climate change, natural disasters, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and replacement of AI, the new key word is de-risking. Facing the vicious circle of economic conflict, expanding international cooperation and developing cross-border ecosystems have been included in China’s development plans for the era of digital economy. Through digital transformation, a more refined agile and resilient supply chain can be created, on top of that, cross-border cooperation facilitates the formation of competitive advantages of new technologies, products, services, or business models in development of the global supply chain. Diversified cross-border investment and financing has become one of the ways to accelerate the global market layout, find new increments and disperse risks. High-quality, growth-oriented international project cooperation contains huge industrial opportunities, which can help companies in China better serve the world and form the optimal de-risk strategy.   如今在病毒迭代、气候变化、自然灾害、俄乌战争、人工智能替代等不确定性上升的时期,经济冲突的恶性循环将自我强化,新的流行语是去风险化(Derisking),人类共同面对的关键问题是:是什么将我们带到此境? 它会把我们引向何方? 拓展国际合作、发展跨境生态系统都被纳入了二十大对数字经济时代的发展规划。通过数字化转型可以打造有领域专长的更精细化的供应链,兼具敏捷和韧性,而跨境合作可以促进形成全球供应链中新技术、产品、服务或商业模式的竞争发展优势,跨境多元化投融资成为中国企业在加速全球市场布局,寻找新的增量的同时分散风险的途径之一。高质量、增长性的国际项目合作中蕴藏着巨大的产业机遇,可以帮助企业立足中国,服务世界,形成最优化的去风险战略。

With rich experience, SirmioneCG China-based team can assist you from your virtual market presence, build your China business, establish partnership for you to accelerate your sales and expansion, eventually achieve your sustainable growth in China. 我们帮助企业和高净值人士厘清关键问题、剖析市场机遇,更好把握转型商机。我们的专家团队提供出海企业海外市场研究、业务战略制定、组织及管控模式设计、合作伙伴引荐、海外并购整合管理等领域完善的方法体系,特别是市场调研、商情分析,为出海企业做决策提供重要参考。作为您的桥梁和顾问,在海外搭建关系网,助力您成功拓展跨境商业计划。


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